Saturday 3 February 2018

New challenge .... and blog challenges ....

edited to say:  Dear Crafters, I see there are some of you who do not have Facebook and are not happy that the challenges have been temporarily suspended on this blog - and moved to a new facebook group for those who use products from my online store.  I will be having more blog based challenges in the future, but am taking a break for a few months.  I have a new puppy to care for who is taking up lots of time, and if you knew how much time you need to run a weekly challenge blog with hundreds of entries, I am sure you would agree I need a rest after doing it for 7 years.   See you all here soon.  Mary xx


There's a new challenge over on 

The Ribbon Girl Projects facebook group

We'd like to see any type of project which includes something new or is about something new, eg, a new baby, new house, new friend, new job, new crafty stash, new technique - anything at all. 

 The challenge will run until 17th February and the prize will be a £10 voucher to spend in the store or a selection of goodies handpicked by Mary - we're all looking forward to seeing your lovely makes so why not join the group today 

Andrea shared her latest card which includes new sparkly glass hearts

Look forward to seeing you all over on the facebook group!


  1. Adorable card Andrea! I am very sorry you went to FB as I and many others for various reasons don't!

    xx Irene

  2. Have to agree we need to support blogland and shame you have stopped but glad we can still find you

  3. I don't have Facebook. I sure wish there was a way to get you our cards so we could all play. [Bunny]

  4. I think a rest is well deserved. Have fun with the puppy as they don't stay little long. Thank you for getting in touch with me. [Bunny]

  5. So glad to read this Mary and totally understand that the puppy needs all your attention and from experience I know how much time is involved in running a challengeblog. Weekly is way to much bit once a month would be great but first......enjoy the well deserved break!!

    Hugs from freezing cold Holland, xx Irene

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