Wednesday 30 March 2011

Card from Lucy

Lucy sent us this card - we love Lucy's bows, they are just perfect

Lucy used 32mm pure silk


Marlou McAlees said...

Hi Mary :) thanks for popping by my blog with lovely comments :). My little pup is a Havanese, they originate from Cuba, so they are quite rare this part of the world , my mother in law has a black Havanese too :) Westies are gorgeous dogs too :) they are so loving. I started making the little pins and having great fun and thought Gracie pins worked well ... Lol :). I got my little package of goodies yesterday :) your service is first class and love how everything is packaged to perfection. I truly wish you every success :). Loving all the beautiful cards here, really gorgeous :) x

Sid said...

Simple & stunning !!

Jopie said...

gorgeous card and colour.
love Jopie