Friday 6 April 2012

Can you knit a tiny jumper for poor babies in Africa? ......

Dawny P,  one of the ladies on our DT is asking if anyone can knit a tiny little jumper and beanie hat for poor babies in Africa - please pop over to her blog for the full story and a copy of the very simple knitting pattern - I am not a knitter, but will have a go - rather than pastel colours, the little woolies should be knitted in dark/bright colours as they are seldom washed.  If you can't knit one yourself, could you help by spreading the word out there in the land of blog?  This is the link to the post on Dawny's blog
Thanks for taking the time to read this - if you're looking for the gingham give away it is the next post down and will remai open until the winner is announced on Sunday and we have a new give away!

Mary G


Deirdre said...

Going to pop over and see if I can follow the pattern and knit one up - thanks for telling us about this.

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